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Workflow Automation Solution

Enterprise Mobility Solution to speed-up and ease corporate communications and working platform

Having integrated our converse app with WebRTC, we made it as suitable and flexible enough for real time communication. And What not? We have included a few more features which engage employees and keep them on the corporate track.



Approve and Reject Permissions

In a modern fast-moving world of endless transactions and updates, the management is doomed to approve and reject tasks at the right time in the right situation. Our app holds a key feature to such instant updates in permissions.

Share Media over Chats

Share multiple pictures, videos, and documents across live chats to improve communication and have everyone is sync

Live Chat

Ping any one anytime at your office to ask anything! Communication is not an issue with our app. We have digitized the complete communication means at office to for better understanding, instant updates and conversation records.

HRMS and ERP Integration

Here application shall allow employees to post request for any reference letter’s needs. The Request from the employees shall be viewed by the HR/Manager team.


We offer a common platform for users to interact with each other. View latest corporate news, like, comment and share against every post. Debate with users on the trending hot piece of cake for the day. Educate and Inspire.

Travel Schedule Management

Manage users ID, travel docs, travel tickets, pick and drop locations, etc. with our converse app. Approve and Reject travel requests. Assign travel tasks to users across the system.


The solution acts as the platform for key workflows, approval processes, communicate important information and notifications for expediting actions of business users, partners and vendors across L&T Construction. Using the app, users working in remote sites or travelling for work can approve various work flow and make corporate communications.

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