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Smart workforce Mobility Solution

Automate operation flow and field workforce with mobility solution on the go

We offer business solutions with great excellence in a distinguished manner through our expertise in Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Empowering and enhancing everyone’s lives with the most expedite, insight led, real time digital services with high touch convergent experiences in the industry. With our holistic approach every user is benefited with the technology, tailor-made solutions and services that feels like it was designed for them. In order to fulfil the expectation of users “Anytime, anywhere”, we provide significant solutions which will connect, communicate and collaborate teams towards a goal.



Mobile app access to field engineers

Field Service Management System provides you with a comprehensive ERP System that integrates right from the customer requests to field delivery, with its fullest optimization.

Service module

Enterprises that perform field installation service, repair and maintenance services acts as a base to improve productivity and operational performance.

Status Panel

With ERP integration, manufacturers provide field engineers with real-time views of assignments, allowing them to accept requests instantly, reducing time, data entry and money spent on operations.

Trip Log

Providing native mobile interaction with push notifications, accepting jobs, tracking the delivery, etc. which will facilitate the engineers in performing the business process efficiently.

Manage Orders

Field service management software enables service engineers to manage their operations and provide optimal customer service with minimal time. Our ERP solution allows you to schedule and track jobs that happen real time.

Manage Warehouse

This results in matching the right engineers with the right customers, planning trip logs, along with managing inventories, field service software ensures business process at its peak.


Enterprise Mobile solution which acts as Platform for field engineers to view and manage assigned work. The solution allows field engineers to get assigned work info and accept with updating of ETA details and trip log (start time, breaks, and end time), Tracking and monitoring of Field Engineer’s location based on customer site location along with automatically detect location based on GPS and start timer to track start and end time.

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