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Logistics Mobility Solution

Real-time service automation to digitally transform and ease business process

The solution enables improved productivity and promotes transparency of the delivery process. Our solution supports crucial features for logistics domain applications such as tracking shipment, shipment verification, user identity verification and warehouse management along with delivery person application interface and operations. We transform business process of many enterprise level organizations by improving security, ease of use and reduce time consumption.



Manage Pickup and Delivery Process

This process involves the contribution of the salesman, outlet manager and admin. We have digitized and brought forth a common place for all the above three actors to communicate, view reports and take decisions in the real world based on the current situations.

Costing Parameters

Admins and Managers will be able to view reports, statistics, generate invoices and track payments for the shipments picked up and delivered

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Manager will be able to view and update the items within the warehouse. Manager will be able to efficiently optimize the business process of the ware house

Fleets Function

Managers will be able to track the maintenance of each vehicle used for operations – pickup and delivery along with Vehicle management and assignment with maintenance for every country.


We focus strongly on providing the right solution through personal service, flexibility and attention to detail whilst offering the very best value for money. From a postcard to grand pianos, to or from almost every country on the planet, our application will provide a tailor-made solution. The real time process of delivering goods and services to people could be digitally transformed to ease the process. Thereby, improving productivity and promoting transparency of business process.

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