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Smart workforce Mobility Solution

Enhance the real-time collaboration of field staffs and project offices on the go

The solution is built to extend its home-grown IT platform to manage their internal business process as a hosted solution to the General Construction Industry. The platform has an extensive list of modules right from onboarding a new customer till managing the entire gamut of processes that include but not limited to projects, budgeting, bidding, vendors management, meetings, submittals, transmittals etc.



Swapping Projects

Quickly swap the projects you are working on. Swap projects to review the project details, budget, additional costs, project scope, resource allocation and much more!

Manage On-site daily activities

View live feedbacks and updates which are happening onsite. Information at the right time in the right situation is key to business.

Filter Tasks

Visualize data by setting the apt parameters to obtain the best performance at the peak

Review and Update Documents

Share, review, approve and reject documents from your application. last minute hazels are not wanted.

Manage Submittals, RTI’s and Meets

The Employees can create resignation requests with reason which shall be send to their immediate reporting person. The HR/ Manager can view the list of employee’s resignations and its status.

Customized Solution Support

The HR/Manager Staff shall have access to this feature. If an employee is leaving the organization, the HR can terminate the specified person.


Fulcrum Mobile is a RN application built for both iOS and Android to enable real time collaboration between the field staffs and project offices involved in General Construction Industry. The proposed solution can perform activities such as Provides customized and easily navigated solution support, ease swap between projects, allows user to manage on-site daily activities, filter relevant tasks based on the assigned Man Power along with review and update appropriate attachments in PDF or Image.

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